Nicole Aniston, Rocco Reed In Naughty Rich Girls

Rates : 3

Rich girl Nicole Aniston thinks that sheâ??s all set to start filming the reality show about her life, and today is the day that the film crew is set to see her place, and start planning the shoot schedule. When only an intern shows up sheâ??s pretty pissed, but figures she can show him around, and he can report back. The thing is that the producers have decided to pass on her show, and poor Rocco has been sent to give her the bad news. She isnâ??t having it, and demands that Rocco does something so that she getâ??s her show. Of course an intern has no power, and though he keeps explaining this she isnâ??t hearing it. Being a manipulative bitch means that sheâ??ll do anything to get what she wants. Before he can get a word out, sheâ??s got his pants down, and has him agreeing to do whatever he can to make the show a reality.